Phrasejumping – not quite a sport, but fun anyway


This site has been a long time coming, not because of any inherent complexity or buried genius –  I simply never knew what kind of writing could keep my focus and live in what is always a busy (enjoyable) life.

Write a novel?  I’m not that patient or far-sighted.  Poetry?  I’m not that abstractly deep.  Business topics?  I do that elsewhere.

This year, a chance encounter gave me the vehicle I was looking for.  My wife and I were in New York City for a long weekend of fun, which included a concert by a local rock legend.  Prior to heading to the Garden for the show, we were walking in mid-town to an Italian restaurant for dinner, enduring the Polar Vortex II.

As we turned down the final block, two twenty-somethings in suits passed by us on the sidewalk, and we heard one say to the other: “’s absolutely a missed opportunity..”  And off they went into the evening.

Strolling into the warm Italian place, my wife and I were both thinking the same thing: lines like that would be a great basis for a story…at least a short story.  It wouldn’t be just any line heard in passing.  We figured we’d know it when we heard it.

With absolutely no pomp or circumstance involved, we dubbed it a phrasejump, and the act of writing one ‘phrasejumping’.  I suppose that makes us phrasejumpers, but I’m not sure we’re ready to put that on a t-shirt…yet.  Maybe a coffee mug.

Now that I’ve written a few, I figured it’s time to start letting them see the light of day.



2014-01-25 19.04.46